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School Leadership and Management

Mrs S. Brooks - Executive Head Teacher
Miss C. Geeves - Head Teacher
Miss C. Clarke - Deputy Head Teacher & Designated Safeguarding Lead & Lead for Looked After Children/Post Looked After Children

Miss N. Palin - Senior Leader/ Teaching School Lead

Mrs C. Stollery - Senior Manager/Inclusion Manager
Miss K. Weaver - Senior Manager/English/Year 1 Head of Year
Mrs L. Hyde - Senior Manager/Science/Year R Head of Year
Miss D. Buss - Senior Manager/More able pupils/Nursery Head of Year

Mrs J. Foster - School Business Manager

Mrs J Barrett - Finance Administrator

Mrs S. Ingram - Parent Support Advisor

Teaching Staff

Mr J. Whitehead
Miss C. Brett-Smith
Miss L. Fraser
Mrs A. Russell

Miss K. Weaver
Miss A. Covalea
Miss K. Howes
Miss M. Whale

Mrs L. Hyde
Mrs A. Elliott
Mrs M. Duckworth
Mrs C. Evans

Miss M. Leetham

Mrs K. Miller

Miss D.Buss
Mrs A. Ledger

Mrs S. Delieu

Nursery Nurses

Miss E. Sutton
Miss C. Sutton

Mrs A. Auluck

Higher Level Teaching Assistants (HLTAs)

Mrs T. Ricketts-Shove
Mrs S. Brownhill
Miss E. Cooke

Mrs J. Goring

Mrs L. Taylor
Mrs J. Johnston
Mrs P. Rich
Mrs J. Saward
Miss S. Townley

Mrs H. Middleton– SEN support
Ms D. Teather– SEN support
Mrs L. Bradford - SEN support
Miss E. Sutton - SEN support
Mrs P. Kang - SEN support

Miss C. Boult - SEN support

Mrs K. Waghorn - SEN support

Mrs S. Smith
Mrs J. Goring
Mrs S. Lee
Mrs J. Batchelor
Ms L. Harris

Ms H. Kent - SEN support
Miss L. Bones - SEN support
Mrs N. Kempton - SEN support
Mrs C Biggs - SEN support

Admin Staff

Miss P. Bhott, School Admin Manager             Mrs N. Franz, Admin Assistant                  Mrs S. Cheema, Receptionist                         

Mrs J. Batchelor, Senior MDS
Miss S. Townley, Senior MDS
Mrs H. Middleton
Mrs P. Kang
Mrs J. Newman

Mrs T. Daniels

Mrs J. Johnston
Mrs S. Constant
Mrs J. Andrews
Mrs L. Harris
Mrs H. Kent
Miss L. Bones
Mrs N. Chowdhury

Mrs K. Waghorn


Mr D. Bolton

Mr C. Collins

Premises Team

Mrs J. Egan
Mrs J. Redworth
Mr J. Batchelor
Mrs L. Gibson
Mrs J. Andrews
Mrs T. Doherty

Breakfast Club

Breakfast club Leader: Mrs J. Saward
Assistants: Mrs K. Smith, Mrs S. Staples and Mrs H. Kent

After School Club

After School Club Leader: Mrs J. Saward
Assistants: Mrs L. Perera, Mrs J. Goring, Mrs T. Connell, Miss C. Carr, Mrs L. Smith and Mrs D. Ford

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