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School Meals

As announced by the government, from September 2014 all children in Reception, Year 1 or Year 2 are able have a school meal at no cost to parents/carers.  School meals in Bexley are healthy, tasty, social and fun and choosing a school lunch for your child/children will help save you over £400 per year if you take up the offer.

Quality food, every day…

Our school meals are freshly prepared onsite each day by Harrison Catering Services using high quality ingredients which provide the right amount of energy to ensure that children can work better in the afternoons.  Harrison Catering ensure quality in all their school meals and pride themselves on fulfilling their promises to cook and serve fresh meals on-site.

Menus feature organic ingredients, British free-range eggs, Red Tractor certified cheddar cheese, pole and line caught tuna and fresh, British sourced meat and poultry.

Meat and vegetarian options are available every day as well as a choice of salads, seasonal vegetables, freshly baked bread, fresh fruit platters, fruit yoghurt, milk and water. Harrison can cater for children who have other dietary requirements where a menu is agreed in advance. This can include cultural or allergy and/or intolerance diets.  

Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction, which is becoming more common, and in an extreme situation could be life threatening.  For this reason we ask parents not to include nuts or nut products in packed lunches and to provide an alternative to peanut butter or chocolate spread sandwiches.  For the same reason we ask you not to send sweets, cakes etc. as a birthday treat for the children or give out in the milling area.  We are also unable to use boxes or containers, which have held items such as nut products, nut oil, crunchy nut cornflakes, coconut etc.

'Our catering service is based on real cooking with real ingredients, creating varied and delicious menus which not only help inspire your students to concentrate and achieve, but promote healthy lifestyle choices.Our ability to create fabulous food from fresh, carefully sourced ingredients (over 65% of which are sourced from within the UK) gave us a natural advantage when faced with the introduction of Nutrient-based Standards for school lunches: as challenging as the standards are, we were in the position to adapt existing menus to fit, rather than having to remove unhealthy options and start from scratch.'

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