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Mastery: Talented, Highly Able & Ambitious Learners

At The Bedonwell Federation we encourage all children to strive to reach their full potential. Children are supported to develop mastery in their learning, to be self-motivated and proud of their success.  

‘Celebrate each small step and stride towards excellence’.

‘Through excellence, together we shall succeed’.

Higher order and creative thinking is encouraged through quality conversations and higher level questioning across all areas of the curriculum. The children’s needs are targeted through a range of cross curricular challenges, enabling children to develop mastery of their understanding and skills.

Our school Golden Values are taught alongside the importance of the characteristics of effective learning: Motivation, perseverance, curiosity, concentration, creativity and many more.

Children’s developing self-esteem is nurtured and a ‘have a go attitude’ is encouraged; inspiring all children to face new challenges, take risks and achieve their full potential.

Our SHINE celebrations invite children to share their gifts, talents and successes across the school and the wider community and be proud of what they have achieved.

Once a concept can be explained and a child can talk about how and why they made a choice, found an answer or came to a conclusion then mastery has been achieved, children often achieve this by explaining, modelling and teaching others. 

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