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Gifted, Talented, Able and Ambitious

We encourage all children to strive to reach their full potential. Able, ambitious, gifted and talented children are supported to develop their skills, be self-motivated and proud of their success. To inspire children to explore and discover new potential we encourage children and adults from our local community to demonstrate their skills.


Mr Chance plays in a band and demonstrated his drumming talent. This motivated the children to independently explore new skills.

“I can play the drums fast and slow. I want to be a drummer when I grow up. I’m going to make really fast music for dancing.”


Miss Newis supported the children in developing the confidence to perform in front of an audience during our ‘Shine Week’ assembly.

Higher order and creative thinking is encouraged through questioning across all areas of the curriculum. The children’s needs are targeted through individual and group challenges. 


‘Celebrate each small step and stride towards excellence’

Autumn Term Tree Challenge

Over the half-term holiday we set the ‘Tree Challenge’ and asked children to think about what type of tree they would like to be. 

We asked them why did they choose that tree, where did it grow and why, and how would the seasons or climate alter the appearance or lifecycle? The children were invited to present their ideas in any form they chose.

The response to the challenge was fantastic!  The children worked really hard and their creativity shone through in the form of imaginative poems, well researched reports and detailed models

Take a look below at some of the children’s work.


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