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Mathematics is a lifelong skill.  Itis a creative subject involving imagination, intuition and discovery.  It is a way of solving problems and is a means of communicating information and ideas. At Bedonwell Infant & Nursery School we present mathematics in a variety of different contexts in order to challenge and stimulate children’s thinking, reasoning & logic skills. 

The Mathematics curriculum at Bedonwell Infant & Nursery School is taught using the Early Years Foundation Stage Guidance in Nursery and Reception and the Mathematics Curriculum (2014) in years 1 and 2.  We believe in providing children with lots of practical and meaningful experiences in Mathematics in order to foster their love of the subject.

Teachers prepare mathematics lessons using a range of resources, including Numicon. Pupils complete weekly homework activities using Education City and Mathletics. Problem-solving strategies are taught and practised during lessons.


Our Mathematical Aims….

  • Encourage pupils to develop a positive attitude, self-esteem and enthusiasm for mathematics.
  • Provide opportunities to develop mathematical skills and strategies and apply them in cross-curricular ways to everyday, real life situations in preparation for adult life.
  • Provide continuity and progression in our approaches to mathematics as pupils move through the school.

Game playing and enriching themed days and weeks like ‘Number day’ and ‘Money week’ are enjoyed immensely by our pupils and help to develop their mathematical vocabulary, speaking and listening skills.  


Year 2’s pirate place value lesson.

Mini fair – Every year, Year 2 plan, resource and lead a mini fair!  They decide on a stall they would like to create and then make it!  This has included collecting prizes, making posters to advertise, deciding on the cost per ‘go’ and then on the day running it!  The children have great fun and it gives an opportunity for pupils in Reception and Year 1 to visit and spend their money on the stalls. Year two then total the money collected and the proceeds go to a charity chosen by the year group at the end.

Children are encouraged to ‘role play’ everyday experiences in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  Shopping is an excellent way for children to use their mathematical vocabulary and develop their knowledge of coins and counting.

During the summer term, the whole school plans and takes part in a ‘Money Week’!  Cross curricular activities are planned around the money theme, which gives the children opportunities to develop and enhance their money skills.  Being responsible with money is also discussed through circle times.



Pupils have opportunities throughout the year to attend educational visits.  These visits are vital for enriching the curriculum as well as fostering pupils’ enjoyment of it!  Year 2 have visited the ‘Painted Halls’ in Greenwich where they have explored Mathematical uses of symmetry in art.

We apply Mathematics in lots of cross-curricular ways. Science is often an ideal way to apply their maths learning into another subject area:


These pupils have sorted animals and light sources in their science lessons.


In Years one and two pupils have the opportunity to learn Mathematics in ability groups.  We have run this for many years now and it is highly successful.

"I like maths, it’s my favourite subject!"

Year 1 Pupil

"I like moving around classes as I get to see all my friends and work with different people."

Year 2 pupil

Our pupils achievement in Mathematics is outstanding.  Every year, our results are significantly above the local and national in both the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1.  Our pupils regularly tell us that they enjoy their maths lessons and have fun:

“It’s quite fun isn’t it?”(A year one pupil during their lesson).

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