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Literacy / English

We follow the National Curriculum for English. Synthetic phonics are taught systematically in the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1 using the Jolly Phonics and Letters and Sounds. scheme. Additionally, children progress through banded reading books during the Early Years Foundation Stage and Key Stage 1. Reading comprehension skills are explicitly taught during guided/Big reading and English lessons. Writing skills are taught systematically using a range of resources, including Big Writing and Talk for Writing. Grammar, punctuation and spelling sessions are taught on a daily basis.

We foster a genuine love of reading at Bedonwell Infant and Nursery School. From celebrations of daily readers, trips to the local library, dressing up for Book Day, to visits from real life authors; reading and books pervade the curriculum and our children most certainly do love to read!

The English Curriculum at Bedonwell Infant and Nursery School is structured around a wide range of high quality texts from a variety of genres. English and reading is at the centre of the curriculum, hence we celebrate reading in all its forms; from recognising signs in the supermarket to ploughing through a well-loved Roald Dahl classic! Additionally, we celebrate diversity and the reading material enjoyed by the children reflects the range of multiculturalism present within the classrooms.


The children are taught to read primarily through the use of phonics – the relationship between letters and their sounds (or ‘phonemes’). This begins in Nursery, through the use of ‘Jolly Phonics’ in which children learn to recognise letters and the sounds they make, relating them to actions and characters. This scheme is used alongside ‘Letters and Sounds’ in which letters and their sounds are systematically introduced to the children in phases.
The children have individual reading targets that are shared with parents, so that they may be supported in their learning at home too. Of course, we encourage the children to read widely and often in order that they learn to love and cherish reading and the pleasure it can bring.


‘The Circus’ theme. ‘Dress as a clown’ day, during which the children enjoyed a circus skills workshop!


Getting in the swing of things for World Book Day!

Space 1(1)Space 2

Our very own published school poetry book!


Who can read in the strangest places?


Enjoying a class book corner and the school library!


Reading Club enjoying some of our books!

Book Week

During Book Week children shared some of their favourite books with the infant and nursery children.  

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